101st Annual Dinner 2019

Our “Warriors We Are” Annual Dinner was held on 26th January 2019. It was a great success and all our staff and invited guests clearly enjoyed the night – it was one of our better Annual Dinners in recent years. Highly deserved congratulations go to KK Sports Club Committee 2018, Mr. Wister Soh, and his young Committee Members for a Job Very Well Done. They earned high esteem for Harrisons Sabah before our guests from group companies and our business partners. After the dinner, many chose to stay on for the chatter and drinks until lateinto the night. A clear sign that our annual dinner was too good for many to make an early exit from Magellan Sutera Harbour Hotel!

The dinner highlight has always been the “Departmental Staff Performance”. All the shows were very good and entertaining, with Nestle and Head Office shows stealing the limelight. The Best Actor came from Nestle and the Best Actress came from Head Office. It was remarkable that our Directors, Managers, Executives, Clerks and Labourers all volunteered many of their after office hours to put up their shows. It is this staff enthusiasm which is most precious in this company and makes the difference.

A very big thank you to the KK Sports Club Committee 2018 in organising the event, to the staff performers who volunteered their time in putting up their shows and not forgetting our staff members at the 50 tables who made their time to attend our Dinner!